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Top 10 Korean Dramas to Help You Learn Korean

Friday, April 15th, 2016

The best thing about learning Korean through dramas is that dramas are fun. And when you fall in love with a good story, you can use some of that obsession to power your learning. In addition to boosting your vocabulary, dramas allow you to learn better pronunciation and intonation and it helps you improve your listening comprehension skills. Much like Japanese Anime, Korean dramas have a variety of themes, which means that there’s something for every one. K-drama, after all, is not just about confessing one’s love, heart breaks and teenage crushes.

Here is how you can boost your Korean Skills with the Help of K-Drama:
1. Pick a show you can enjoy. Learning a language has to be fun, or else it just doesn’t work.
2. Re-watch and Shadow. Try watching every episode at least twice. During the re-watch, try shadowing the conversation: repeat what the characters are saying, even if you don’t understand it completely.
3. Couple your drama watching with fun Korean lessons. Sign up to for FREE and start learning with our Absolute Beginner lessons!

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Alphabet Animals App Featured in New York Family Magazine!

Friday, August 26th, 2011


Language acquisition, whether it’s your child’s first or your second (third, fourth or fifth!), is our passion. Using some of today’s most popular devices, Innovative Language Learning aims to bring you fun and effective language learning tools. As the biggest language learning mobile app maker in the world, we’re happy to share this online and print feature of our popular Alphabet Animals iPhone App!

New York Family is a monthly family lifestyle magazine and website focused on the interests, needs, and concerns of New York City parents. In the July 2011 issue, Gavriella Mahpour highlighted “15 Educational Apps That Inspire Curiosity And Learning”.

Innovative Language Learning’s Alphabet Animals was selected under the Spelling category, saying “Alphabet Animals is an easy way to teach tots their letters, while monkey-ing around.” We couldn’t agree more!

Thank you to Gavriella and New York Family.

More on Alphabet Animals

Alphabet Animals - Talking ABC Cards for Kids is the perfect learning tool for your toddler. Packed with colorful animations, animal sounds, and learning examples, Alphabet Animals - Talking ABC Cards will keep your child’s attention while they absorb the alphabet. says that Alphabet Animals is “Perfect for your talented toddler, this game is packed with colorful animations, animal sounds, and tons of tips for learning their letters.”

Fully Animated

Each vivid flashcard has been created by a professional animator. When you touch them, they move in fun and surprising ways. Your child can discover the names of animals as he or she makes their way through the cards.

Educational Audio

Each card has three different kinds of sound! You can hear a friendly voice just say the name of the animal, the name of the letter, or a simple phrase matching the animal with colors and places.

Totally Interactive

Unlike expensive picture flashcards, Alphabet Animals - Talking ABC Cards is an interactive way to learn. Touching the screen causes animations and sounds, which keeps your child’s mind engaged and attentive.

Alphabet Animals - Talking ABC Cards is a great way to put your child on the fast-track to life with easier, simpler, and more fun learning!