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Frequently Asked Questions

Below you’ll find the answers to commonly asked questions and issues with our language learning apps. If your question is not answered here or you’d like to leave us some feedback, please contact us by using the Email Support Page.

If you’re looking for general information, descriptions, and screenshots of our apps, please click here.

Please read carefully through these FAQ before contacting us for support. Based on the emails we get, it’s very likely your question or issue is addressed below. Should you have an issue not addressed here and need to contact us, having read the FAQ will help expedite your support request. If you’re having an issue with an app, please read the FAQ and/or contact us before leaving negative feedback in the app store.

Unfortunately, we cannot offer telephone support.

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Application Specific Questions

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I bought an application from the Google Play Store but can’t download it. What should I do? Top

If you are having problems with downloading the application, you will need to contact Google Play Store support team. The Google Play support team should be able to help you with issues related to downloading and purchase of the application from the Google Play Store.

If I deleted the application from my iPhone/iTouch/iPad, will I need to pay when I redownload it? Top

If you deleted the application and want to reinstall it, you will not be required to pay for the application again. As long as you use the same iTunes account as the one that you bought the application with, you should be able to download the application again for free.

I upgraded from free version but had to reinstall the application. How can I get my upgrade again? Top

If you upgraded an application from the free/lite version and had to reinstall it, you are not required to pay for the upgrade again. Just reinstall the free/lite application. If the app has a settings screen, look on the settings screen for a Restore Purchase button. Otherwise, choose to buy the upgrade again. Although the button will still say “buy”, there will be a message saying you can get the upgrade for free when you click it.

I am unhappy with the application and want a refund. Top

We are very sorry that you are disappointed with the application. We welcome every feedback and aim to improve the language learning experience for all our customers. If you purchased an app from the Apple App Store, you will need to contact Apple directly about a refund as they have total control over the billing process. If you purchased an Android app through the Google Play Store, please contact us via email with your request.

It said 50% off. Why am I charged the full amount? Top

We are very sorry for the confusion. Currently there is no discount system built into the iTunes App Store. We have to build the sale price into the price of the app itself. What you were charged is the discounted price.

I have a coupon code but there is no where to enter it while buying the application. Top

We are very sorry for the confusion. That coupon is only valid for subscriptions to our language learning websites. Apple unfortunately doesn’t provide us with a mechanism to give discounts for our apps.

Why am I charged again for an application that I have bought the upgrade for? Top

We are very sorry for the confusion. It may be the case that you bought the upgrade from a free/lite version and then had to reinstall the application. Then you downloaded the full version directly instead of reupgrading from the free/lite version. Another possibility is that you purchased the app under a different iTunes account.

I am changing my iPhone/iTouch/iPad. Will I be able to transfer my credits and lessons for Pocket3? Top

Currently, credits are not transferable nor recoverable. If you entered your email address in the store section of the app before you purchased the lessons, then yes your purchased lessons should be transferable. Please contact us via email with your request. Please note that currently lessons may only be downloaded to one device at a time.

I purchased an in-app upgrade to the full version but the icon still says “Lite” or “Free.” What’s the deal? Top

For very good security and technical reasons, Apple and Google do not allow anyone to change the app icon after the app is downloaded. As long as the app is working properly and you’re not locked out of any sections or features of the app, you’re good. You have the full version despite what the icon says.

If you were charged for the upgrade but the app is not working properly or you’re still not able to access all the features you paid for, please contact us.

Why does the application keep on crashing? Top

This issue is typically resolved by simply restarting the device or reinstalling the application (you will not be charged again).
To restart your iPhone/iPod/iPad:

  • Press and hold on the sleep/wake button.
  • When the Slide to power off switch appears, slide it across from left to right.
  • When the device has turned off completely, press the sleep/wake button.

To hard reboot your iPhone/iTouch/iPad:

  • Hold down the sleep/wake and home buttons at the same time. The sleep/wake button is on the top right corner of the device’s case. The home button is the circular button just under the screen on the center of the device.
  • Hold these buttons down until the screen flashes and goes dark.
  • You can then restart the device by holding down the sleep/wake button until the Apple icon appears.

If restarting your device did not help with the issue, please try reinstalling the application. Please refer to the section title “”Reinstall the application”" available in Apple’s Troubleshooting guide which can be found here:

*Note: reinstalling the application will cause you lose the words that you have saved into My Word Bank and any other saved data. In the case of Pocket3, you will also loose any unused credits, though you will be able to download previously purchased lessons again for free if you entered your email address in the store section of the app before you purchased them and reenter the same address when you reinstall the app.

For restarting an Android device, please consult its documentation.

Is there a way to increase the audio volume? The volume is too low or inaudible. Top

Please try these steps.

First, please double check and make sure the mute switch on your device is not turned on.

If you still have no sound after making sure the mute switch is off and you’re using an app with a voice recorder such as WordPower, next please have a look at the Voice Recorder volume slider. Make sure that slider is not turned all the way down to the left. If it is, please try sliding it to the right and see if you can hear the audio now.

If the volume slider doesn’t help, next try plugging in a pair of headphones. If you get audio when you plug headphones in, please unplug the headphones and start an audio track playing and use the volume rocker on your device to increase the volume while the audio track is playing. You may need to do this a few times to get the audio as loud as you want it if the audio track is short.

If you’re using an iPad and the above suggestions don’t help, there is a bug with the mute/orientation switch in earlier versions of iOS 6 that causes the iPad to get stuck in silent mode. To fix this, go into the iPad’s Settings and then the General section. Under the “Use side switch to” section, tap on Mute. If it’s already set to Mute, set it to Lock Rotation and then back to Mute. If the side switch is already toggled on (you can see the orange dot on the switch), simply slide the switch off. If the side switch is off, slide it on and then off. That should unstick silent mode, and you should now hear sound again in all your apps. You can find more about the side switch and its settings at Apple’s knowledge base article.

If you are using an Android device, please make sure the Media Volume under your device’s Display & Sound settings is set to an audible level.

I can’t login into the application even after I signed up. What should I do? Top

We are very sorry for the confusion. The free account is for our language learning website. There is no need to login into the application. If you already have an account and encounter a free account signup screen, simply tap the “No Thanks” button to dismiss it.

How can I enable International handwriting? Top

To be able to draw international characters, first go to your iPhone’s/iTouch’s/iPad’s settings, then to General, and then to Keyboard. Under International Keyboards, tap on the language you want to use and turn on Handwriting. Go back into the app, and when you start a search tap on the globe icon on the keyboard that’s just to the left of the space bar until the handwriting pad comes up.

Since there is currently no Japanese kanji specific handwriting input option on iOS devices, choosing Traditional Chinese handwriting input will get you much the same functionality.

Can I synchronize My Word Bank between 1 application with another application? Top

Regrettably, the applications are currently stand-alone applications and are unable to interact with our other applications.

Is there a way to recover My Word Bank if I have to re-install the application? Top

Unfortunately, no, not currently. However, a backup/restore mechanism is in the works.

Do I need the internet to use the application? Top

It depends on the application. For MyWords, Pocket3, and the non-iPad video vocab and kanji video apps, you will need the internet to download new content. However, you can access the content offline after you have saved them onto your device. Gengo Talking Japanese Dictionary needs an internet connection only for downloading less common audio files that are not included with the app. Currently, these are the only apps that require internet access to use. This is subject to change with new app releases, however. So please be sure to read the app description thoroughly.

Can I connect my Basic or Premium account from your language learning websites with the application?

The applications are currently stand-alone applications and are unable to interact with our language learning websites.

How can I backup My Word Bank? Top

Currently, you can only back-up the word bank by backing up the whole iPhone/iTouch/iPad. Restoring the device will then restore the word bank to the state when you backed-up the iPhone/iTouch/iPad. A mechanism to backup/restore only the word bank is in the works.

Can I have both the lite version and full version of the applications on my iPhone/iTouch/iPad? Top

Yes. However, if you would like to have both versions of the applications running in parallel, please buy the full version of the application instead of upgrading it from the free/lite version.

Why am I still getting the new word notification from WordPower Lite even though I have disabled it or deleted the app from the device? Top

Restarting your device should fix this.

I no longer want this app. Please remove it from my device. Top

We do not have the ability to remotely remove the app from your device. You will need to uninstall it yourself.

I can’t hear anything after a recent update to WordPower(iPhone/iPad). Top

Please update WordPower to version 3.1.1, the latest update to WordPower that fix this issue. If all of the speaker icons are still greyed even after you have updated to version 3.1.1, first please try restarting your device. If that doesn’t work, please try reinstalling the application(Note* that reinstalling will make you lose the words in your WordBank. Note** customers that purchased in-app upgrade to full version from WordPower Lite should reinstall WordPower Lite and then re-upgrade to Full version for free)

DragonDian: My word searches are not returning results. What am I doing wrong? Top

Please make sure to tap the Options button in the top left of the app to make sure you’re in the right search mode. It defaults to searching by English definition, so if you’re trying to search in Chinese, please make sure to change your search type in the Options section.

Gengo Flashcards: Is there a limit to how many flashcards I can make? Top

No. You’re only limited by the amount of free space on your device.

Gengo Flashcards: What categories are included in the default flashcards? Top

The following categories are covered: Body Parts, Bookstore, Clothing, Colors, Computer, Dating, Fairy Tales, Farm Animals, Fruits, In the City, Jobs, Kitchen, Marine Animals, Office, Plants, Room, Safari Animals, School, Study subjects, Summer, Vegetables, Vehicles, Weather, Winter

Language Lessons: What is the difference between Introduction and Beginner? Top

The introduction series aim to introduce the culture and country information of the target language. Most of the lesson is in English and goes over basic pronunciation, vocabulary and grammar. If you have had some lessons on the target language, it is advisable to start from Absolute beginner or Beginner, depending how much you have learned in the past. For more details, please refer to the list below.

Language Lessons: If I have never studied a language before, which lessons should I get? Top

If you want to start from the beginning and start from learning about the cultures and knowledge about the countries, we recommend that you start from the Introduction level. If you wish to focus more on the learning process, Absolute Beginner is a good starting level. For more details, please refer to the list below.

Language Lessons: If I have basic grammar and vocabulary knowledge, which level should I get? Top

With previous knowledge of the language, Lower Beginner or Beginner level may be a better fit for you. For more details, please refer to the list below.

Language Lessons: What is covered in each level? Top

For more details, please refer to the following.

Pocket3: What is the difference between Pocket3 and podcast/website lessons? Top

Nothing. The lessons are taken straight from our language learning websites. The only difference is that Pocket3 does not come with the lesson PDFs. However, the content of the PDFs is largely contained in the different lesson sections in Pocket3.

Pocket3: If I have premium membership on the website, do I need to pay for lessons again? Top

Currently, yes. Pocket3 is a stand-alone application that is not connected to the website account.

Pocket3: Where can I get the PDF referred to in the lessons? Top

The PDF files referred in the lessons are available in our language learning website. Please visit the respective language that you are interested in and sign up. The PDF is restricted to Basic and Premium members only. However, the content of the PDFs is largely contained in the different lesson sections in Pocket3.

Visual Dictionary Lite: I purchased an in-app upgrade to fully unlock a language. The purchase seemed to go through but things are still locked up. Top 

First, please try tapping the gear icon in the bottom right to get to the Settings screen, and from there tap on the Restore Purchase button. If tapping the button doesn’t fix it or the button is not there, please try restarting your device and reopen Visual Dictionary. If that still doesn’t fix the problem, please contact us or send us an email from the Settings screen.

Visual Dictionary Lite/Pro: How do I switch languages, add a language, or delete a language after opening a language? Top

Tap on the gear icon in the bottom right to enter the Settings screen. At the top of the screen you’ll find a Switch button under the name of the currently selected language. Tap that button to  go to the language manager screen. From here, you can select any of the other languages you’ve downloaded. Tap on “Add Language” to pick a new language to download. To delete a language, swipe from right to left on the language to reveal the Delete button and tap it. Or tap the Edit button in the upper left, tap red circle to the left of the language you want to delete, and then tap the Delete button. While in Edit mode, you can also reorder your languages by dragging the 3 lines on the right. When you’re done deleting and reordering your languages, tap the Done button in the upper left.

Visual Dictionary Lite/Pro: The list of languages to download is empty or a language you say is available doesn’t appear in the list. Top

Please try refreshing the language list. To refresh the list, pull down on the list until the activity spinner appears at the top and then release. This will force the app to refresh the list of available languages.

WordPower: How many words are there in the full version? Top

WordPower has approximately 2000 commonly used words and phrases in the target language.

WordPower/WordPower Lite: Can I add my own words into the application? Top

Currently this feature is not available in WordPower/WordPower Lite. Another language learning application that does have this feature is the full version of Gengo Flashcards.

WordPower Lite: I reinstalled the application and lost all the words in My Word Bank. What should I do? Top

It is not yet possible to backup/restore your word bank. So please keep this in mind when reinstalling. A backup/restore mechanism is in the works.

What other applications/services do you offer? Top

Please visit our website for a complete list of our services and applications.

What languages do you offer? Top

Currently we provide language learning applications in the following languages: Arabic, Cantonese, Mandarin, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Farsi, Filipino, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Mongolian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Spanish, Swahili, Swedish, Thai, Turkish, Ukranian, Vietnamese with more languages to come. Please visit our website for a complete list of our services and applications.

When will xx language be available? Top

If there is a language that you want to learn but we do not currently offer it, please leave a comment or email and we will happily provide answers to your question.

Is there more advanced content available? Top

If the current available applications do not meet your needs, we recommend that you visit the language learning website and sign up. The language learning website generally have their contents updated faster than the applications. More information about the websites is available at

I don’t have the time to sit down and study, is this application for me? Top

The great thing about mobile language learning apps is that you can study basically anywhere, anytime. You decide when and where you study. That being said though, really learning a language takes a lot of dedication. You’ll only get out of your studies the amount of time and effort you put into them. We do our best to make the content as fun, easy, and portable as possible. The rest is up to you. Learning a language is a lot like learning a musical instrument. It’s a skill that requires a lot of familiarity with the subject. You gain familiarity by regularly exposing yourself to the content and practicing it. So if you’re pressed for time, it’s much, much better to study a modest amount every day rather than study for hours on end just a few times a week.

What type of Arabic do you use? Top

Pocket Arabic is in Egyptian and Moroccan Arabic.

What type of Portuguese do you use? Top

Unless specified in the app title or description, our lessons focus on Brazilian Portuguese. While there are some differences, similar to Mexican Spanish and Spain Spanish or American English and British English, you will have no problems being understood.

Where can I find general information about specific apps? Top

Please see the following links for general information about our apps and app families.