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FAQ: Series Description - Upper Beginner


  • In this 25-lesson series, you will continue to learn basic Chinese grammar and vocabulary to help you get through a variety of social situations. These lessons will explain Chinese grammar to you at a slightly faster pace than our previous level. At the end of this series, you will be able to construct sentences on your own and improve your conversation skills. But don’t be scared away by the grammar! Our hosts will also introduce fun and useful Chinese cultural tips along the way too!


  • In this 25-lesson series, you will follow the story of Peter, an American student in Italy, and his Italian friends Elena, Carlo, and Luca. Throughout this series, you will learn how to give commands, talk about conditional situations, talk about the past, and much more. You’ll hear Italian spoken in a variety of situations. That means you will pick up both formal and informal Italian.


  • This 25-lesson linear series follows the story of Haruya, a professional Japanese boxer, and his girlfriend Miu. In this series, you’ll learn how to give and receive gifts, ask and give opinions, make suggestions, and more! Throughout this series, you will hear both formal and informal Japanese and of course, learn relevant cultural insights you won’t find in a textbook.


  • In this 25-lesson series, you will continue learning beginner-level grammar. You will review grammar points covered previously and learn new grammar constructions like how to express your thoughts, use conjunctions, talk about plans, and more. You’ll hear Korean spoken in the standard, formal, and intimate politeness levels. You’ll also learn important Korean cultural tips from our fun and engaging hosts.


  • Not quite ready for Intermediate? This Norwegian Upper Beginner Series is great for bridging the gap. You will build on your fundamentals by learning more Norwegian vocabulary, grammar, and example sentences that you will be able to use in everyday life. In this 25-lesson series, you will learn how to understand advertisements, ask about prices or discounts, bargain at markets, discuss percentages and basic math, ask for recommendations, and much more.


  • Anna and Eric will continue to teach beginner level vocabulary and grammar for your next trip to Russia. You’ll learn how to express annoyance, what to do when your wallet has been stolen, how to make a dinner reservation and much more!


  • Dylan and Carlos host this 25-lesson series which further builds upon grammar and vocabulary learned in previous levels You will learn simple conditional tenses, more adverb formations, how to use impersonal verbs, and much more. You will pick up both formal and informal Spanish and learn useful cultural tips along the way.