New! Windows 8 Users: Boost Your Japanese Vocab with the WordPower Japanese Windows 8 App

March 28th, 2014

Hello Listeners,

Any Windows 8 users among our Japanese learners?

If so, good news! So far our highest rated Japanese vocab-building app, WordPower Japanese, has been available for the iPhone, iPad, Android and Mac. The feedback was great, too!

Boost Your Japanese Vocab with the WordPower Japanese!

But there haven’t been Apps for PC or Windows users…‘til now.

Boost Your Japanese Vocab with the WordPower Japanese Windows 8 App

WordPower Japanese is now available on the Windows store for $9.99 and includes a FREE Trial. You master the top 4,000 Japanese words necessary for daily life and real conversations on your PC, Tablet or Windows Phone. How’s it done? Click on the link below to get a FREE Trial or keep reading for the full run-down of this App!

Get a Free Trial & Download WordPower from the Windows Store!

Language experts say you need about 1,500 words for conversational fluency.

You get over 4,000 words in WordPower Japanese for Windows.

Here’s how you master them with 2 easy study modes.
WordPower breaks these words down into easy categories and courses. Business, Health, Food, School, Work, you name it! Choose one to start with and level up! You get the meaning, the native pronunciation and sample sentences, and even get to record yourself to compare. As you learn new words, WordPower tracks your progress.

And if you’re interested in the details, here’s exactly what this Japanese learning app comes with.

WordPower Learn Japanese Vocabulary FEATURES:

  • 4,000+ Must-Know Japanese Word List: The most essential Japanese vocabulary with spelling, translation, pronunciation, image, class, kanji and romanization.
  • Top 100 Japanese Culture List: A special list of words specific to daily life in Japan.
  • Thousands of Sample Sentences: Get sample sentences with every word entry.
  • 2 Study Modes: Course Mode or Category Mode: Choose a course or category and work your way up as your progress is tracked.
  • Easy to Use Design: Intuitive Windows 8 swipe navigation allows visual learners to browse vocabulary images quickly.
  • Control your study sessions: Mix up question types (recognition, production, audio and visual) for a full understanding of each word.
  • Listening Practice: Hear each word’s proper pronunciation by a native speaker.
  • Perfect your Pronunciation: Compare your pronunciation to the native speaker’s with the Voice Recorder, easily accessible throughout the app.
  • Personalized Word Bank: Save difficult or useful words to review at any time.
  • Advanced Search Function: Search entire database in English or Japanese.
  • Progress Bar: Keep track of how many words you have really mastered.
  • Word View Options: Romanization and Kana Transliteration can be turned on and off.
  • Free Japanese Lessons: Access the newest JapanesePod101 lessons for FREE!
  • Basic Resources: Want to explore the Japanese language even more? Learn everything you need to know with this comprehensive source of Japanese learning tips, information and material.

If you’re a Windows 8 user, make sure to try WordPower Japanese for FREE! A free trial is available when you get the App from the Windows Store. Or, get it for $9.99 and master the top 4,000 Japanese words. Remember: know more words, speak more Japanese.

Click here to download WordPower Japanese from the Windows Store.

To your fluency!

Team JapanesePod101 at Innovative Language

P.S. WordPower Japanese is available for iPhone, iPad, Mac, Android and Windows, and FREE versions are available too!

Click here to see the WordPower Japanese Apps and learn more!

New iPhone/iPad App! It’s About Time You Got An Advanced Language Learning System For Your Device.

January 20th, 2014

Hi there Listeners,

It’s about time 2014 came around!

It’s a magical time of year for language learners. New goals are set, new lessons are published, and new Innovative Language members are starting to speak their first Japanese words.

You know what? It’s also about time you got our advanced language learning system access through an iPhone/iPad app! Because you want to take your language lessons on the go and pick up where you left off at your computer, and you won’t take NO for an answer!

So before you ask…yes, this App exists! Yes, you can download it. And yes, there’s an Android version in the works. Say hello to the NEW Innovative Language Learning 101 App! Currently available for but more languages will be added soon.

Get Complete JapanesePod101 Access with Innovative Language Learning 101

Get Complete Access with Innovative Language Learning 101

Click here to download the Innovative Language Learning 101 App!

Since most of you are already swiping and tapping on smartphones all day long, it only makes sense to extend your JapanesePod101 access across different devices.

With the Innovative Language Learning 101 App, you can study Japanese on your iPhone on the go…with Lessons, Lesson Notes, Progress Tracking, Premium Tools…then, switch to your computer and continue. All your progress is saved through magic we won’t bore you with.

The App itself is free to download on the iTunes Store. If you’re already a Free, Basic, Premium or Premium PLUS member, get the app and hop into your account. You’ve got instant access starting NOW.

What’s Inside The Innovative Language Learning 101 App:

  • New Users - Try It Free: Start your 7-Day Free Trial today! 7-Day Free Premium Trial for new users with easy registration sign up and easy in-app upgrading
  • Existing Users - Sign In Now: Convenient Basic and Premium login and profile access for existing website users
  • Download Manager for Offline Study: Hands down, the easiest way to listen on the go! Download any lesson you have access to with your account and listen offline from your Library
  • Upgrade In-App with your iTunes Accounts: This is upgrading made easy. In-App purchasing of Basic, Premium and Mobile-only subscriptions available
  • Full Language Library: New and archived audio and video lesson access covering the Absolute Beginner to Advanced levels
  • Innovative Lesson Tools: You get PDF notes, Line-By-Line Transcripts and Vocabulary Lists with audio (Requires active 7-Day Free Trial, Basic or Premium Account)
  • Multiple Playback Options: Stream lessons over Wi-Fi or download an entire series to study offline, on your own time
  • Fully Integrated Learning System: Your lesson progress is synced between our websites and the app so you never lose momentum
  • Personalized Learning: Curate your own learning plan in My Library. You pick and choose the lessons you want to study
  • iCloud Sync: Never lose your place across devices with iCloud Syncing
  • Exclusive Discounted In-App Subscription upgrades for mobile users
  • Quick Customer Care: Easily report feedback and errors and contact our friendly customer support team from within the app

Stay tuned! More languages and an Android version are coming soon!

In the meantime, let us know what you think! Download the app and start learning with our fully integrated system. Feel free to send us your feedback, suggestions, and of course, report the bugs!

Click here to download the Innovative Language Learning 101 App!

You Wanted To Learn A New Language in 2014? Try Czech & Danish

January 17th, 2014

Hi listeners!

Looking for a new language to study? We’ve just added 2 new languages sites to the Innovative Language family which bring us to a total of 31 languages that you can learn the fast, fun and easy way! 

What are they? Based on user requests, we’ve launched Czech and Danish.

Czech, believe it or not, used to be called “Bohemian” until sometime in the 19th century. It’s the official language of the Czech Republic, one of Europe’s most popular tourist destinations. And like all Slavic languages, Czech has a reputation for having lots of consonants clustered together. But don’t let that scare you away. Czech uses the Latin script, which makes it easier to learn than a character-based language like Russian. And it’s not too far from Russian either, so learning either language will give you a huge advantage with the other!

Click here to sign up & take your first lesson at CzechClass101!
Click here to sign up & take your first lesson at CzechClass101!

Danish is a Scandinavian language and will be easy for any English speaker. Worrying about the alphabet? No need. The Danish Alphabet also uses the Latin script plus three additional letters, Æ, Ø, and Å. Danish is spoken by over 5.5 million people and Denmark is consistently rated as one of the happiest countries on Earth. So, if you’re looking to visit Denmark, make sure to drop by and take your first lesson!

Click here to sign up & take your first lesson at DanishClass101!
Click here to sign up & take your first lesson at DanishClass101!

P.S. Join the Founding Fathers Club and learn Czech or Danish at 50% OFF for life! The Founding Fathers Club is a lifetime 50% discount exclusively for early adopters - more specifically, the first 101 subscribers per site. Learn for as low as $2/month for Basic or $5/month for Premium. The price will always be the same, even when the deal is gone. And the deal is gone once the first 101 spots are taken.

101 Spots! Click here to get 50% OFF for life at!

101 Spots! Click here to get 50% OFF for life at!

Affiliate News: Take advantage of campaigns with the Affiliate Link Builder

December 26th, 2013

Dear Affiliates,

Want to join in on our big monthly sales on subscriptions and earn more commission?

We’ve launched a much-needed feature that helps you do just that.

The Affiliate Link Builder, which can be found at the bottom of “Get Affiliate Banners and Links” in your Affiliate Center, allows you to take any link from the site you’re affiliated with and add your affiliate code to it.

1. Click on  “Get Affiliate Banners and Links” 


2. Scroll down to the Affiliate Link Builder. 


Earn More Commission With Our Monthly Sales Campaigns

If there’s anything that prompts buyers to act, it’s a nice discount and a strict deadline.

Take advantage of our sales by promoting them with your own links. Simply grab the coupon codes we announce in our monthly newsletters and follow the instructions provided with the Link Builder to get your link. Then, when the sale starts, let your readers know about the it and deadline through your channels of communication (blog posts, e-mail, social media, etc.)

Optional: Link Readers To Other Parts Of The 101 Site.

Want to promote another part or feature of our 101 website such as the Word of the Day? Normally, the affiliate links take visitors to the sign-up form on the homepage. Why? This is the fastest way for them to sign up and subscribe down the line. However, if you’d like to promote another page of the site, use the Link Builder to add your affiliate code to the link.


  • Word of the Day (links vary based on language of the site)
  • Top 100 Word List (links vary based on language of the site)
  • iPhone, Android and Mac Apps. (Visit at
  • Free Recommended Lesson for New Users (Visit at

Please note that you must first be an affiliate of a certain site in order to create affiliate links for it. For example, if you’re a JapanesePod101 Affiliate and wish to link to SpanishPod101, you won’t be able to receive credit for linking to SpanishPod101 with your JapanesePod101 Affiliate code.

Thank you for reading,

Affiliate Team

P.S. Want to promote other languages & increase your commission?

There are 29 different 101 Language Sites & 29 different Affiliate Programs to choose from. Click on the link below to learn more about our other Affiliate Programs.

Click here to learn more about Innovative Language Affiliate Programs.

Get Your Kids Speaking Japanese with NEW Talking World iBook for the iPad

October 15th, 2013

Hello Listener,

Can kids learn Japanese? Of course! They’re the fastest learners around!

But do they? Not unless there’s a native Japanese speaker in the family. Language experts say children learning a second language enjoy cognitive advantages over those that do not.

So, if you need a way to learn Japanese with your child start with the kid friendly e-book that’ll get them mastering words in minutes! With the brand new Talking World iBook for the iPad, your little one will learn all the common Japanese vocab they know in English!

New iBook for the iPad: Learn Japanese for Kids - Talking World
It’s jam packed with 16 colorful chapters and 274+ common Japanese words for any child to learn. Explore all sorts of vibrant scenarios per chapter like rooms around the house, parks, and much more while picking up easy vocabulary.

Learn Japanese for Kids: Talking World is now available on iTunes for $4.99.
Click here to get Learn Japanese for Kids: Talking World on iTunes

New iBook! Learn Japanese for Kids: Talking World for the iPad

All they have to do is tap on objects in each area to learn their Japanese words while hearing native Japanese pronunciation. Then, there’s an easy review section and a quiz mode to test how much your child has learned.

This Audiobook is perfect for children aged 18 months to 6 years+ (not to mention adults too!)

New iBook! Learn Japanese for Kids: Talking World for the iPad New iBook! Learn Japanese for Kids: Talking World for the iPad New iBook! Learn Japanese for Kids: Talking World for the iPad

Here’s what’s inside the Talking World iBook:

  • 16 Chapters filled with 274 words covering common objects found in any kid’s world
  • Easy tap and play interactive layout for fingers big and small
  • Colorful, kid-friendly drawings to help illustrate each vocabulary word
  • Native Japanese and English translation audio pronunciation
  • Easy to read kana and romaji spelling

You can even sample this iBook for FREE before purchasing. Simply click on any link, open the iBook in iTunes and click on “Get Sample.”

Click here to preview the iBook on iTunes!

To your kid’s fluency!

Team Innovative Language

P.S. Get your children speaking Japanese! Download Talking Word for your iPad for 4.99 on iTunes.

Click here to get Learn Japanese for Kids: Talking World on iTunes for $4.99!

New! Go from your 1st Japanese phrase to knowing 700 with the Japanese PhrasePower iBook

September 26th, 2013

Hello Listener,

Remember your first Japanese phrase?

Was it “Hello, how are you,” “My name is….” or maybe “I have no idea what I’m saying?”

Every Japanese learner starts out with simple phrases and questions. That’s because learning phrases is easy. They’re exactly what get you speaking, understanding, and improving your Japanese in the first place. Not just random, unusable words.

So as a Japanese Beginner, having a powerful Japanese phrasebook is the easiest way to speak more Japanese. And with our brand new iBook, you master over 700 phrases.

Master 700+ essential Japanese phrases with the NEW Learn Japanese: PhrasePower iBook for the iPad. This is the perfect first step for Beginners and Travelers that want to learn and speak a boatload of Japanese quickly without focusing on grammar.

Click here to preview Learn Japanese: PhrasePower on iTunes.

Need to introduce yourself? Make some small talk in Japanese? Or just ask someone to take your photo? This $9.99 iBook is absolutely JAM PACKED with all the phrases you’ll need for social situations, basic conversations, getting around Japan, shopping, and much more.

Load up this iBook on your iPad and swipe through 4-Beginner Level Chapters. Not only you learn the essential phrases, words, and questions, you learn how to use them in conversation too. Japanese phrases come with audio samples, matching illustrations, and easy to follow sentence patterns.

Here’s What’s Inside Learn Japanese PhrasePower iBook:
- 4 Beginner Level Chapters (Essentials, Asking Questions, First Encounters, Social Situations)
- Extra Bonus Chapter with In Depth Vocabulary Reference Section
- 700+ essential Japanese words and phrases
- Native audio samples for all words and phrases
- Easy to follow conversation layout
- Clear English, Romaji, and Kanji Transcription

Here are some screenshots! (click here to see more on iTunes)

Learn Japanese PhrasePower!

Learn Japanese PhrasePower!

Learn Japanese PhrasePower!

Learn Japanese PhrasePower!

So, whether you’re a Japanese beginner or a traveler and need to learn Japanese quickly, without the headaches of grammar, you get the essential phrases with PhrasePower. Master 700+ essential Japanese phrases with the NEW Learn Japanese: PhrasePower iBook.

iBooks Hint: Be sure to sample this iBook for free on iTunes by clicking “Get Sample.”

Click here to get Learn Japanese: PhrasePower for your iPad!

To your Japanese fluency,

Team Innovative Language

ItalianPod101 Featured In’s “Top 10 US podcasts for road trip listening”

September 18th, 2013

Hi Listeners,

Done with a lesson? Take a look back at the new conversation, grammar, and vocab you’ve mastered.

It’s always great to stop and see the results in your language learning! Or rather, hearing the results when you’re speaking a new language!

Likewise, for us, it’s great to know that someone’s language is progressing with the help of our lessons.

This past July, we’ve been graciously listed in Top 10 US podcasts for road trip listening in, one of the most read newspapers in the UK.

Below is an excerpt:

I’m sure people think I’m crazy when they see me talking to myself as I drive. Imagine what they’d think if they knew I was doing it in Italian? Listen to native speakers conducting conversations, and imagine yourself sipping un doppio cappuccino at a cafe in Piazza Navona. After you’ve ordered in Italian, of course! Go at your own pace, pick subjects or phrases you need to know for an upcoming trip or for a conversation with a friend, and repeat lessons as often as necessary.

• Tune in at

Crazy or not, talking to yourself is one effective way to boost your speaking skills and remember the language you’ve learned!

We’d like to thank Salena Lettera at The Guardian for putting us in her top 10 Podcasts. This motivates us to produce more fun, fast, and easy language lessons.

To read the complete article, click here.

If you’d also like to share how our 101 language sites have helped you learn a language, please leave us a testimonial here at the link below!

To your fluency,


Perfect Your Pronunciation with the Improved Voice Recording Tool!

August 19th, 2013

Hi there listeners,

You’re regularly exposed to native speakers and conversations in our lessons. But do you actively practice pronunciation and the proper accent?

If not, now’s the time to start. How would you do it?

Simply listening and repeating speakers isn’t enough. You need to hear how you actually sound as opposed to how you think you sound .

So, naturally, recording and comparing yourself is one of the best ways of knowing how close your language is to that of a native speaker.

In fact, you can start doing this with your lessons on any of our 101 language sites.

We’ve upgraded & re-added the Voice Recording Tool into your lesson pages. If you’re a Premium member, you’ll find the Voice Recorder in the Line-by-Line Audio under “Lesson Materials.”

For each and every lesson, you can use the Voice Recording Tool in conjunction with the Line-by-Line Audio to…

  • Listen to the conversation, line by line, and hear the native speakers’ version
  • Record yourself after hearing the native speaker
  • Playback your version to hear your pronunciation and compare
  • BONUS: Playback both (the native version and yours) simultaneously to hear how close you are

  • (sample screenshot taken from

    To Access The Voice Recorder, visit any lesson and click on (2) Lesson Materials. In the Line-by-Line Audio Tab, you’ll see a microphone by each individual line of the conversation.

    (sample screenshot taken from

    Click on the microphone icon to load the Voice Recorder for that specific line to hear the native speaker. Then, press the record button to record yourself. Once you’re done, you can either listen to the native version, then your version to compare, OR play both simultaneously to see just how close you are to the native speaker.

    So, listeners, test this feature out and let us know what you think! For all bugs, errors and suggestions, please shoot us an email at

    For iOS Users: Please note that the Voice Recording Tool requires Flash to work. However, we are working on a non-flash (HTML5) version of the Voice Recording Tool. Stay tuned for future updates.

    To your fluency,
    Team Innovative Language

    Coming Soon: Visual Dictionary Pro - Learn 30 Languages in One Vocab App for the iPhone and iPad!

    August 1st, 2013


    Hello Listeners,

    All 30 languages are yours inside one app!

    So anywhere you go in the world, we have you covered. And anytime you’re ready to start the next language, you have 30 languages and over 16,500 words instantly available on your iPhone or iPad.

    And no, you can’t have this app yet. It’s coming soon!

    Visual Dictionary Pro - Learn 30 languages, presented by comes, with 30 languages, that you can easily download with an internet connection.

    Master 30 other languages with real-life scenarios!

    Visual Dictionary Pro - Learn 30 languages is coming soon to iTunes! Master over 550 must-know words in 30 languages by exploring 26 scenarios, one-by-one. Just swipe through each scenario on your iPad or iPhone and tap on objects and places to get their meanings.

    You’re not reading words off of a list. You’re mastering words in their real-life context along with audio pronunciations and sample sentences.

    What’s new with this app? With Visual Dictionary Pro - Learn 30 Languages, you can:

    • Explore the 26 real world scenarios in 30 languages in 30 languages free!

    • Study 550+ words, and 1000+ sample sentences per language with native audio

    • Master pitch perfect pronunciation with native speakers for every language and dialect.

    • Look up specific words under Search.

    • Browse all the words with the Category List.

    • Tap and zoom through every available scenario bringing language learning to life.

    • Build strong bonds to new words with the rich visual illustrations.

    • See and hear practical sample sentences related to scenarios and words.

    • Save words in your personal Word Bank for convenient study. You have a separate Word Bank for each language, so no getting words mixed up.

    • Choose from 30 different languages and dialects

    • Turn Audio Autoplay on/off

    And with 30 languages, Visual Dictionary Pro gets you mastering a total of 16,500+ words



    Want to try it out for FREE? The Free Visual Dictionary is coming soon!

    Visual Dictionary Free also comes with the same 30 languages with limited access so you can try before you buy. For each language, you explore the 3 sample scenarios - Earth, City and Supermarket and master 104 words along the way. For more scenarios and words, simply unlock the language with an in-app upgrade.

    Visual Dictionary Pro Comes with the following languages:

    · American English · British English · Bulgarian · Cantonese
    · Chinese · Croatian · Dutch · Filipino · French · German
    · Hebrew · Hindi · Hungarian · Indonesian · Italian
    · Japanese · Mongolian · Nepali · Korean · Polish
    · Brazilian Portuguese · Russian · Spanish · Mexican Spanish
    · Peruvian Spanish · Swahili · Thai · Turkish · Ukrainian · Vietnamese

    Visual Dictionary Pro - Learn 30 Languages is perfect for travelers and language lovers alike.

    You master just the practical, real-life vocabulary of the world around you. This app will walk you through 26 everyday scenarios like stores, homes, classrooms, airports, hospitals, subway stations and more in 30 languages!

    To your fluency,


    Team Innovative Language

    P.S. Stay tuned! Visual Dictionary Pro - Learn 30 languages for the iPhone and iPad is coming soon!

    What Are The New Languages Coming This July?

    June 28th, 2013

    Hi listeners!

    Looking for new language to study?

    Currently, there are 27 languages that you can learn the fast, fun and easy way! And now that we’re done updating our lesson layouts, we’ll be adding even more languages!

    There are 2 new language sites and a whole lot of new content on EnglishClass101 coming July 1st and we’re revealing them here first!

    What are they? Based on user requests, we’re introducing British English, Persian, and Swahili. These new additions will bring the Innovative Language family to a total of 29 sites!

    British English? That’s right. We have just for our English learners.

    British English itself has over 58 million speakers in the UK and opens you to over 780 million English speakers worldwide. It’s the world’s lingua franca! This July, you’ll find British English lessons on as an alternative to the current American English lessons. However, if you’re a native speaker and want to brush up on your British accent, feel free to stop by as well!

    British English Lessons start July 1st. Click here to visit EnglishClass101!

    Persian is also known as Farsi. The good news? It has no articles, no cases, and nouns have no gender. In short, grammar will be easy and breezy. It also opens you up to over 110 million speakers in Iran, Afghanistan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan. And since it’s part of the Indo-European language family, it’ll help you get a head start on Arabic ( and Hindi ( as well! The bad news? You need to wait ‘til the site is launched! Coming Soon! Click here to sign up for the wait-list!

    Swahili is the easiest African language to learn for English and Arabic speakers. There are no lexical tones and it’s spoken just as it’s written. With over 140 million speakers, Swahili is the official language of Tanzania, Kenya and is the lingua franca of East Africa. We’re happy to have it as our first African language at And if you know what Hakuna Matata means (it means no worries), you’ve already started learning! Coming Soon! Click here to sign up for the wait-list!

    P.S. July 1st is the day! Stay tuned for PersianPod101, SwahiliPod101 and new British English lessons!