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Perfect Your Pronunciation with the Improved Voice Recording Tool!

Monday, August 19th, 2013

Hi there listeners,

You’re regularly exposed to native speakers and conversations in our lessons. But do you actively practice pronunciation and the proper accent?

If not, now’s the time to start. How would you do it?

Simply listening and repeating speakers isn’t enough. You need to hear how you actually sound as opposed to how you think you sound .

So, naturally, recording and comparing yourself is one of the best ways of knowing how close your language is to that of a native speaker.

In fact, you can start doing this with your lessons on any of our 101 language sites.

We’ve upgraded & re-added the Voice Recording Tool into your lesson pages. If you’re a Premium member, you’ll find the Voice Recorder in the Line-by-Line Audio under “Lesson Materials.”

For each and every lesson, you can use the Voice Recording Tool in conjunction with the Line-by-Line Audio to…

  • Listen to the conversation, line by line, and hear the native speakers’ version
  • Record yourself after hearing the native speaker
  • Playback your version to hear your pronunciation and compare
  • BONUS: Playback both (the native version and yours) simultaneously to hear how close you are

  • (sample screenshot taken from

    To Access The Voice Recorder, visit any lesson and click on (2) Lesson Materials. In the Line-by-Line Audio Tab, you’ll see a microphone by each individual line of the conversation.

    (sample screenshot taken from

    Click on the microphone icon to load the Voice Recorder for that specific line to hear the native speaker. Then, press the record button to record yourself. Once you’re done, you can either listen to the native version, then your version to compare, OR play both simultaneously to see just how close you are to the native speaker.

    So, listeners, test this feature out and let us know what you think! For all bugs, errors and suggestions, please shoot us an email at

    For iOS Users: Please note that the Voice Recording Tool requires Flash to work. However, we are working on a non-flash (HTML5) version of the Voice Recording Tool. Stay tuned for future updates.

    To your fluency,
    Team Innovative Language

    Coming Soon: Visual Dictionary Pro - Learn 30 Languages in One Vocab App for the iPhone and iPad!

    Thursday, August 1st, 2013


    Hello Listeners,

    All 30 languages are yours inside one app!

    So anywhere you go in the world, we have you covered. And anytime you’re ready to start the next language, you have 30 languages and over 16,500 words instantly available on your iPhone or iPad.

    And no, you can’t have this app yet. It’s coming soon!

    Visual Dictionary Pro - Learn 30 languages, presented by comes, with 30 languages, that you can easily download with an internet connection.

    Master 30 other languages with real-life scenarios!

    Visual Dictionary Pro - Learn 30 languages is coming soon to iTunes! Master over 550 must-know words in 30 languages by exploring 26 scenarios, one-by-one. Just swipe through each scenario on your iPad or iPhone and tap on objects and places to get their meanings.

    You’re not reading words off of a list. You’re mastering words in their real-life context along with audio pronunciations and sample sentences.

    What’s new with this app? With Visual Dictionary Pro - Learn 30 Languages, you can:

    • Explore the 26 real world scenarios in 30 languages in 30 languages free!

    • Study 550+ words, and 1000+ sample sentences per language with native audio

    • Master pitch perfect pronunciation with native speakers for every language and dialect.

    • Look up specific words under Search.

    • Browse all the words with the Category List.

    • Tap and zoom through every available scenario bringing language learning to life.

    • Build strong bonds to new words with the rich visual illustrations.

    • See and hear practical sample sentences related to scenarios and words.

    • Save words in your personal Word Bank for convenient study. You have a separate Word Bank for each language, so no getting words mixed up.

    • Choose from 30 different languages and dialects

    • Turn Audio Autoplay on/off

    And with 30 languages, Visual Dictionary Pro gets you mastering a total of 16,500+ words



    Want to try it out for FREE? The Free Visual Dictionary is coming soon!

    Visual Dictionary Free also comes with the same 30 languages with limited access so you can try before you buy. For each language, you explore the 3 sample scenarios - Earth, City and Supermarket and master 104 words along the way. For more scenarios and words, simply unlock the language with an in-app upgrade.

    Visual Dictionary Pro Comes with the following languages:

    · American English · British English · Bulgarian · Cantonese
    · Chinese · Croatian · Dutch · Filipino · French · German
    · Hebrew · Hindi · Hungarian · Indonesian · Italian
    · Japanese · Mongolian · Nepali · Korean · Polish
    · Brazilian Portuguese · Russian · Spanish · Mexican Spanish
    · Peruvian Spanish · Swahili · Thai · Turkish · Ukrainian · Vietnamese

    Visual Dictionary Pro - Learn 30 Languages is perfect for travelers and language lovers alike.

    You master just the practical, real-life vocabulary of the world around you. This app will walk you through 26 everyday scenarios like stores, homes, classrooms, airports, hospitals, subway stations and more in 30 languages!

    To your fluency,


    Team Innovative Language

    P.S. Stay tuned! Visual Dictionary Pro - Learn 30 languages for the iPhone and iPad is coming soon!