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iPhone Applications

Wednesday, December 3rd, 2008

Hello Everyone!


We have been listening attentively to all that you have said, and finally the applications’ updated are now just around the corner!


These applications are made to help you cope with the many difficulties of learning a new language, and so we strive to make them cater to your needs. Though iTunes allows for reviews and such, discussion on the applications is very limited. As such we have decided to open the Blog as a platform from which all news about the applications can be made public-including the release dates of updates and their contents, and where we as a community can come together to discuss the applications indepth.


Let us start a real and active dialogue so that we may mold the applications into all that the can be. We will be keeping you informed on all the developments with the applications as they happen, so be sure to keep everyone informed on your impressions of the applications (i.e. leave us feedback, we’re always open to improvements!).


Looking forward to hearing from everyone!