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ItalianPod101 Featured In’s “Top 10 US podcasts for road trip listening”

Wednesday, September 18th, 2013

Hi Listeners,

Done with a lesson? Take a look back at the new conversation, grammar, and vocab you’ve mastered.

It’s always great to stop and see the results in your language learning! Or rather, hearing the results when you’re speaking a new language!

Likewise, for us, it’s great to know that someone’s language is progressing with the help of our lessons.

This past July, we’ve been graciously listed in Top 10 US podcasts for road trip listening in, one of the most read newspapers in the UK.

Below is an excerpt:

I’m sure people think I’m crazy when they see me talking to myself as I drive. Imagine what they’d think if they knew I was doing it in Italian? Listen to native speakers conducting conversations, and imagine yourself sipping un doppio cappuccino at a cafe in Piazza Navona. After you’ve ordered in Italian, of course! Go at your own pace, pick subjects or phrases you need to know for an upcoming trip or for a conversation with a friend, and repeat lessons as often as necessary.

• Tune in at

Crazy or not, talking to yourself is one effective way to boost your speaking skills and remember the language you’ve learned!

We’d like to thank Salena Lettera at The Guardian for putting us in her top 10 Podcasts. This motivates us to produce more fun, fast, and easy language lessons.

To read the complete article, click here.

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To your fluency,


Alphabet Animals App Featured in New York Family Magazine!

Friday, August 26th, 2011


Language acquisition, whether it’s your child’s first or your second (third, fourth or fifth!), is our passion. Using some of today’s most popular devices, Innovative Language Learning aims to bring you fun and effective language learning tools. As the biggest language learning mobile app maker in the world, we’re happy to share this online and print feature of our popular Alphabet Animals iPhone App!

New York Family is a monthly family lifestyle magazine and website focused on the interests, needs, and concerns of New York City parents. In the July 2011 issue, Gavriella Mahpour highlighted “15 Educational Apps That Inspire Curiosity And Learning”.

Innovative Language Learning’s Alphabet Animals was selected under the Spelling category, saying “Alphabet Animals is an easy way to teach tots their letters, while monkey-ing around.” We couldn’t agree more!

Thank you to Gavriella and New York Family.

More on Alphabet Animals

Alphabet Animals - Talking ABC Cards for Kids is the perfect learning tool for your toddler. Packed with colorful animations, animal sounds, and learning examples, Alphabet Animals - Talking ABC Cards will keep your child’s attention while they absorb the alphabet. says that Alphabet Animals is “Perfect for your talented toddler, this game is packed with colorful animations, animal sounds, and tons of tips for learning their letters.”

Fully Animated

Each vivid flashcard has been created by a professional animator. When you touch them, they move in fun and surprising ways. Your child can discover the names of animals as he or she makes their way through the cards.

Educational Audio

Each card has three different kinds of sound! You can hear a friendly voice just say the name of the animal, the name of the letter, or a simple phrase matching the animal with colors and places.

Totally Interactive

Unlike expensive picture flashcards, Alphabet Animals - Talking ABC Cards is an interactive way to learn. Touching the screen causes animations and sounds, which keeps your child’s mind engaged and attentive.

Alphabet Animals - Talking ABC Cards is a great way to put your child on the fast-track to life with easier, simpler, and more fun learning!

Innovative Language Learning in the Bangkok Post - Thai WordPower and WordPower Lite

Saturday, June 6th, 2009

Today Graham K. Rodgers, of the Bangkok Post, covered various Thai language and lifestyle i-phone applications in an article titled iPhone apps for Thailand: a mixed bag.

In the section titled Database, Graham covers Innovative Language Learning’s Thai language i-phone applications (Thai WordPower Lite and WordPower (Full) versions):

“Word Power Lite is designed for someone trying to learn or improve their Thai skills. A daily word is downloaded automatically. The device displays Thai characters, phonetic characters and a translation. When the Listen button is pressed, a female voice reads out the word (or phrase).

…Each daily word can be added to a word bank. This also allows use of flash-cards to assist learning. There is an extensive information page that explains the philosophy behind the app and the learning method. The Lite version was $0.99 (35 baht) and users may upgrade to a full version at $9.99 (355 baht). This contains a bank of 2,000 words sorted into categories: enough for a fair level of communication. Word Power is by Innovative Language Learning who have well over 200 apps listed at”

Thank you to Graham and the Bangkok Post.

“The Bangkok Post is a broadsheet, English-language daily newspaper published in Bangkok, Thailand, and Database is a weekly information technology section, inserted on Wednesdays.”
- Wikipedia