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Innovative Language Learning in the Bangkok Post - Thai WordPower and WordPower Lite

Today Graham K. Rodgers, of the Bangkok Post, covered various Thai language and lifestyle i-phone applications in an article titled iPhone apps for Thailand: a mixed bag.

In the section titled Database, Graham covers Innovative Language Learning’s Thai language i-phone applications (Thai WordPower Lite and WordPower (Full) versions):

“Word Power Lite is designed for someone trying to learn or improve their Thai skills. A daily word is downloaded automatically. The device displays Thai characters, phonetic characters and a translation. When the Listen button is pressed, a female voice reads out the word (or phrase).

…Each daily word can be added to a word bank. This also allows use of flash-cards to assist learning. There is an extensive information page that explains the philosophy behind the app and the learning method. The Lite version was $0.99 (35 baht) and users may upgrade to a full version at $9.99 (355 baht). This contains a bank of 2,000 words sorted into categories: enough for a fair level of communication. Word Power is by Innovative Language Learning who have well over 200 apps listed at”

Thank you to Graham and the Bangkok Post.

“The Bangkok Post is a broadsheet, English-language daily newspaper published in Bangkok, Thailand, and Database is a weekly information technology section, inserted on Wednesdays.”
- Wikipedia

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9 Responses to “Innovative Language Learning in the Bangkok Post - Thai WordPower and WordPower Lite”

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  7. Margareta greene Says:

    I bought your Italian vocabulary lessons, downloaded it,used it for several weeks. However as of yesterday it no longer works. Help!!!!!!
    Thanks on advance.
    Margareta greene

  8. Wahyu Says:

    @Margareta: We are very sorry for the inconvenience. We are currently working on a patch to fix all the issues with WordPowerLite V3.0
    If you have a specific question regarding the application, please contact and we will be able to help in more detail.

  9. Joe Says:

    QA department?

    I get an upgrade that wipes out my wordbank and then I have to email you my old database to see _if_ you can recover all the words that I had to wait a day each to receive?

    You ask that people contact you but there isn’t a response section available on the contact us part of the website. Again, requiring email. No spam for me, thank you.

    Now, I get a notification that there is a new word but when I look, there are no new words.

    It was ‘working’ fine before someone fixed it.

    Privacy policy posted?

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