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Brand New Affiliate Dashboard & Payment Information

Thursday, January 29th, 2015

Dear Affiliates,

Great news!

The My Account section of every Innovative Language site has been redesigned.

And yes, that includes an update to your Affiliate Center! As well as a new look, we’ve introduced some great features you may find useful. 
Affiliate dashboard

The Affiliate Center now has a Dashboard that shows:

  • Your Balance: This is the commission you’ve earned thus far. If you’re at $50 commission (or over) this is the amount you can expect at the next payout date. If you’re below $50, you’ll need to earn more to reach the threshold before you receive a payout. After a payout, this will revert to $0 and start over.
  • To Go Until Payout: Since there’s a $50 minimum requirement, you’ll know how much you have left until you can receive a payout. Once you’ve reached the $50 minimum, this will be $0.
  • All-Time Earnings: A quick snapshot of your overall earnings.

You will also find the Affiliate Link Builder closer to the top of the “Banners & Links” section. Use this to add your affiliate code!

Clarifications about Payouts
Remember, payouts are sent out on the first Friday of every month and you’re paid for the previous month’s earnings, only, as long as they’re above $50.

Therefore, if the first Friday of the month lands on February 6th, you will receive payment for commission earned for the month of January, from January 1st to the 31st. This may include previous months’ earnings that you didn’t receive because you were under the $50 limit.

Payments for the previous month will not include earnings made before the payout date after the new month has begun. For example, if the payout date is Friday, February 6th, earnings made starting February 1st won’t be included in your January payment but in your February payment, which will be on the first Friday of the following month, March.

We hope that the new Affiliate Dashboard will simplify your commission info in terms of how much you can expect and how much you have left to go.

Thank you for reading,

Affiliate Team

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Affiliate News: Take advantage of campaigns with the Affiliate Link Builder

Thursday, December 26th, 2013

Dear Affiliates,

Want to join in on our big monthly sales on subscriptions and earn more commission? Or, would you like to promote a certain feature or page of your affiliated site with your own affiliate link?

We’ve launched a much-needed feature that helps you do just that.

The Affiliate Link Builder, which is located in “Banners & Links” of your Affiliate Center, allows you to take any link from the site you’re affiliated with and add your affiliate code to it.  Here’s a step by step guide on how to use it.

1. Inside your Affiliate Center, click on “Banners & Links.” 

Affiliate Center

2. You’ll see the Affiliate Link Builder right above the banners.

Affiliate Center 2

3. Grab the coupon code from the newsletter or any other link that you’d like to promote.

In the case of coupon codes…

In the Affiliate Link Builder instructions, we use “20BONUSVIDEOS” as an example. So, if you’re an affiliate of any of the Innovative Language sites, simply grab the coupon code from the newsletter and follow the URL format, depending on your affiliated site.

  • If you’re a JapanesePod101 Affiliate and want to use the “20BONUSVIDEOS” coupon…
  • Add the coupon code at the end of this link:
  • The result is…
  • If you’re a KoreanClass101, RussianPod101 or any other Innovative Language Site Affiliate, your coupon code link will be:
    • http://www.<someothersite>
  • Or, wait until the sale begins and use the coupon links we send out in the sales e-mails.

For all other links, simply grab the link from the URL bar while you’re on that page. Scroll down below to get an idea of other potential links that you’d want to promote.

4. Create your Custom Affiliate Link.

Got the link from step 3? Now, paste it into Affiliate Link Builder as shown below.

Affiliate Center3
Then, click on “Get Link” to get your Custom Affiliate Link as shown below. You’ll see the link appear right under the “Get Link” button. These links can get quite long so feel free to use a link shortener.

Affiliate Center 4
Take a close look at the URL. The crossed out part that after “r=” is your Affiliate referral ID number and confirms that this link now contains your custom code.

5. Share the link with your readers!

Earn More Commission With Our Monthly Sales Campaigns

If there’s anything that prompts buyers to act, it’s a nice discount and a strict deadline.

Take advantage of our sales by promoting them with your own links. Simply grab the coupon codes we announce in our monthly newsletters and follow the instructions provided with the Link Builder to get your link. Then, when the sale starts, let your readers know about the deal and deadline through your channels of communication (blog posts, e-mail, social media, etc.)

Remember, you can link readers to other parts of the 101 site.

Want to promote another part or feature of our 101 website such as the Word of the Day? Normally, the affiliate links take visitors to the sign-up form on the homepage. Why? This is the fastest way for them to sign up and subscribe down the line. However, if you’d like to promote another page of the site, use the Link Builder to add your affiliate code to the link.


  • Public User Interface with Free Lessons (Visit at Viewable by new visitors or in a private or incognito browser mode.
  • Word of the Day (links vary based on language of the site)
  • Top 100 Word List (links vary based on language of the site)
  • iPhone, Android and Mac Apps. (Visit at
  • Free Recommended Lesson for New Users (Visit at

Note: The links provided in the Affiliate Center leading to the homepage are your best option to convert readers as that’s where they immediately sign up.

Please note that you must first be an affiliate of a certain site in order to create affiliate links for it. For example, if you’re a JapanesePod101 Affiliate and wish to link to SpanishPod101, you won’t be able to receive credit for linking to SpanishPod101 with your JapanesePod101 Affiliate code.

Thank you for reading,

Affiliate Team

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