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Brand New Affiliate Dashboard & Payment Information

Thursday, January 29th, 2015

Dear Affiliates,

Great news!

The My Account section of every Innovative Language site has been redesigned.

And yes, that includes an update to your Affiliate Center! As well as a new look, we’ve introduced some great features you may find useful. 
Affiliate dashboard

The Affiliate Center now has a Dashboard that shows:

  • Your Balance: This is the commission you’ve earned thus far. If you’re at $50 commission (or over) this is the amount you can expect at the next payout date. If you’re below $50, you’ll need to earn more to reach the threshold before you receive a payout. After a payout, this will revert to $0 and start over.
  • To Go Until Payout: Since there’s a $50 minimum requirement, you’ll know how much you have left until you can receive a payout. Once you’ve reached the $50 minimum, this will be $0.
  • All-Time Earnings: A quick snapshot of your overall earnings.

You will also find the Affiliate Link Builder closer to the top of the “Banners & Links” section. Use this to add your affiliate code!

Clarifications about Payouts
Remember, payouts are sent out on the first Friday of every month and you’re paid for the previous month’s earnings, only, as long as they’re above $50.

Therefore, if the first Friday of the month lands on February 6th, you will receive payment for commission earned for the month of January, from January 1st to the 31st. This may include previous months’ earnings that you didn’t receive because you were under the $50 limit.

Payments for the previous month will not include earnings made before the payout date after the new month has begun. For example, if the payout date is Friday, February 6th, earnings made starting February 1st won’t be included in your January payment but in your February payment, which will be on the first Friday of the following month, March.

We hope that the new Affiliate Dashboard will simplify your commission info in terms of how much you can expect and how much you have left to go.

Thank you for reading,

Affiliate Team

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