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Got Questions About Innovative Language Learning…

leave them in the comment section!We’re sharing a few of our secrets with you! Go behind the scenes with us as we show you what we do and who we are! Your typical day at Innovative Language isn’t so typical. We’re constantly moving, writing, editing and recording so that we can deliver fun lessons that you’ll enjoy on your ride home from work. Get to know our team in today’s news lesson and find out how you can be featured in part 2 of our Behind the Scenes news!Leave your comments and questions in the comment section.

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25 Responses to “Got Questions About Innovative Language Learning…”

  1. Bill Says:

    Keep up the great work!
    My question:
    What languages are coming next?

  2. doug Says:

    your iphone german iphone app
    started downloading corrupted
    audio files today for the first time.
    pls fix as the product is useful,
    but not so without a word supply

  3. andrew Says:

    hey i would love to see these few languages. hungarian,dutch,ukrainian, hindi,plautsdietch, hebrew and urdu.
    i think these languages are the ones most needed because not everyone speaks english in these countres and russian may be spoken in ukraine but some places forbid people speaking russian. i think dutch would be helpfull to see holland as it is a interesting country hebrew for isreal hindi for indi urdu for pakistan because no one speaks arabic there. also plautsdietsch which is mennonite low german. i would love ot learn this because my family history has mennonites and unfortunatly i don’t understand a word of what they wrote. i was be thankfull if you could make these

  4. Henrick Says:

    How can I try it before I by it

  5. John Says:

    do you plan on releasing a version for Android phones?

  6. Reina Larousse Says:

    May well 2011 become superb for family and friends.

  7. Cecille W. Bicbic Says:

    Are there studies about Polyglots? Is this a gift or do they have specific skills that make them able to acquire automatic comprehension and ability to speak any language.

  8. Peter Laidlaw Says:

    Hi .. FYI re business opportunity! Go ahead search for Vietnamese in the southern Hồ Chí Minh City (south) dialect on the web - you won’t find it. You will find a lot of people looking for it and complaining that they spend a lot of time learning the wrong dialect.

    None of the big language players have it AND its much more useful than the Hanoi (official) dialect both for business or family.

    I hope you are the first!

  9. Dean Vegosen Says:

    I want to buy a book on speaking German on my kindle. How do I download the audio portion onto the kindle and is there a charge for that over and above the cost of the written materials?

  10. Roberto Says:

    A Turkish podcasts would represent an enormous opportunity. The economy in Turkey is growing, and there are not many options (podcast wise) for learning the language. Vietnamese (southern) would also be a huge addition. Finally and most importantly (for me personally) please add more content to your Russian website, there is such much potential but so little material. I can only think on on other solid Russian podcast.

  11. Kit John Says:

    I would like to let you know when I download Gengo Grammar - Japanese it is not working after the installation. At the first load it tries to compress audo file, then close immedietly.

    But when I use ipod version 3.xx it work fine. When I upgrade to ipod 4.1 it is not working.

    Look forward to see your new update.

  12. dzahner Says:

    I purchased Learn Ukrainian from the App site.

    The application doesn’t work (see my review).

    Any suggestions?


  13. JRushton Says:

    Purchased the Turkish from the App Site and it only says the English version… I know how to speak english!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! waste of money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Wahyu Says:

    @Kit John: Have you tried reinstalling the application? If you would like to, please contact our mobile support team at so that we can provide a more detailed help.

    @dzahner: Hi, which application do you have? Have you tried reinstalling the application? Solutions to solve some of the general technical problems can be found in the FAQ page ( or you can email us at to get a more detailed technical support.

    @JRushton: Which application are you using? We can answer your questions in detail if you will email us at

  15. terry Says:

    why wont new words load into my ap? The words that are displayed i’ve learned and are from may 2nd. i need the may 3rd words, and may 4th words??? help!

  16. Wahyu Says:

    Have you tried restarting your device and your internet connection?
    If you are still having problem, please contact our mobile support team at

  17. Sandra Says:

    I have bought the italian app for my Kindle ! How do I download the audio ?

  18. Wahyu Says:

    Please email us at with the information of which Kindle did you purchase. We will be able to help you in more detail there.

  19. Catherine funk Says:

    I bought your French Advanced Lessons 1- 25 Enhanced fort Kindle. I am supposed to get audio with it. I go to your website as instructed, but it never gives instructions. How do I get the audio portion? Do they go to my kindle or to iPod? Please reply to this email: I feel I am being lead around circles. Please reply asap. Thanks.

  20. Sheila Says:

    Yea, I bought and downloaded onto my iPad your language learning and there’s no way to maneuver around the site or choose options

  21. Wahyu Says:

    @Sheila: Hi Sheila, our language learning iPad applications are stand alone softwares and you don’t need to sign-up on our language learning 101 websites to use it. If you want additional materials though, you can sign-up for a free lifetime account with 7-day premium member’s privileges attached. You will need to use a web browser to maneuver around the website.

  22. John Says:

    Very informative post, thank you!

  23. Jim Says:

    I was trying to find “Word of the Day for iPad” at the iTunes store and couldn’t find it.

    Is it discontinued or coming in the future?

    Thank you.

  24. Jim Says:

    I was trying to find “Word of the Day for iPad” at the iTunes store and couldn’t find it. Is it discontinued or coming in the future? Thank you.

  25. Italian Lessons Says:

    Even you’re at home you can learn Italian language through web.

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