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How To Take Over The World, Part 2 - Learn Hindi, Hebrew and Indonesian!

Hej! Hallo! Sziasztok! That’s “Hello” in Dutch, Swedish, and Hungarian.
We’re really excited about our 3 new European additions to the Innovative Language Learning family and today we’re announcing yet another three languages. We’ve held our breath for so long to keep these a secret that we’re just about ready to faint!


Starting July 4, Hindi, Hebrew, and Indonesian will be getting the complete Innovative Language Learning treatment with their own websites! Now, even though these languages are spoken by a collective 725 million people worldwide, they aren’t given enough attention online – or anywhere for that matter. Until now! If you’ve never had a good reason to learn these languages before, we’re about to give you some!

Why learn with Innovative Language Learning?
These brand new Hindi, Indonesian, and Hebrew lessons will use our fun and effective lesson format. And of course, you’ll also get our free and premium learning tools such as online Flashcards, line-by-line audio, video lessons, and mobile apps, which you can use to learn wherever you are in the world (except Antarctica.)

The first 101 listeners to sign up for the Founding Fathers Club will get a lifetime 50% off discount and to celebrate the addition of these new languages, we’ll also be having a Summer Celebration Sale where listeners can save BIG on current site subscriptions including to JapanesePod101!

So, why should you learn Hindi, Indonesian, or Hebrew?
Hindi is one of 22 languages spoken in India, and being the second most populated country with over 1 billion people, it’s just too big for us to skip. India is notorious for its traffic but showing some patience will pay big dividends when you try the food! If you’re in the mood for something a little more tropical, Indonesian is one of the world’s most spoken languages. After all, Indonesia is the fourth most populated country right after the United States, and a popular travel destination. Who could resist Indonesia’s tropical climate, beautiful islands, white sandy beaches…hold on, we’re getting carried away…

Lastly, did you know that Hebrew is one of the most requested languages from our Innovative Language Learning listeners? Well, we just couldn’t wait any longer! Travelling to Israel? Can’t understand your grandmother? (I can’t either) Or perhaps you’d like to take a dip in the Dead Sea? will provide you with the resources to make sure you don’t open your eyes underwater – it’s extremely salty!

Stay tuned for more details to come on how to get in on all the discounts!

Thank you can handle all 6 new languages? Which one will you start learning and why?

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10 Responses to “How To Take Over The World, Part 2 - Learn Hindi, Hebrew and Indonesian!”

  1. Learn Katakana Says:

    WOW!! I thought that there was only japanesepod101 and englishpod101, but there are pods for hindi, indonesian and even hebrew??? That’s awesome, now there’s no excuse for not being able to find podcasts and media in the language you wish to learn.

    Me imagino que también tienen spanishpod101, verdad?? hehe, muchas gracias por compartir esta información! :D

  2. jarah Says:

    your customer service suck there is no way to contact you and the program i bought for learning japanese had many errors many words are prounced different that the actual audio

  3. Wahyu Says:

    @Jarah: Please contact us at and I will help you in more detail.

  4. Kate Says:

    Hell yes, i want write a thing have a observe for this but didnt be the subject regard time, may i repost this
    Innovative Language Learning Blog» Blog Archive
    » How To obtai 1 use Over The World, Part 2 - gain experience Hindi, Hebrew and Indonesian!

  5. Nancy Ko rin Says:

    I recently bought both Hebrew and Arabic but I can not figure out how to move between the two programs. The icon is for Arabic. And then during the day an alert will show and it is for Hebrew but I can’t just find the Hebrew when i want to look at it.

  6. Wahyu Says:

    If possible please contact us at, we will be able to help you in more details regarding this issue.

  7. John Says:

    I really would like to learn Spanish!

  8. Muffy Says:

    HI there!!

    Thank you so much for adding new languages to the series!!!

    I am very satisfied with your mandarin and japanese classes.

    I am just waiting ‘patiently’ for your to come out!!! please please please make it a reality!!!


  9. Stan Says:

    I cannot get any sound from my new Italian lesson. I click on the speaker icon but nothing happens. Please help.

  10. duke Says:

    Same as stann’s No audio on intermediate app purchase. $9.99. What,s the deal?

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