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New Product Announcement! Explore Your World in Japanese with Visual Dictionary for iPhone and iPad

Today, we’re happy to announce a brand new app in the iTunes App Store for the Japanese language. Put on your hiking gear because you’re about to explore the world of Japanese Vocabulary with this addicting new app!

There’s absolutely no limit to the number of vocabulary words you could and should learn in the Japanese language. The fact is, the more words you know, the better you’ll be able to speak and communicate. That’s true of any language; even your native tongue! But when are you going to find the time to learn them all? Isn’t there a shortcut?

Introducing Visual Dictionary Lite - Learn Japanese, presented by Innovative Language Learning! This new App for iPhone and iPad focuses your Japanese vocabulary learning to the words you need to know - the objects, places and people that you’ll encounter in your daily life. With Visual Dictionary Lite, you’ll be transported to a world where everything you tap and touch comes to life with native audio recordings and vibrant imagery. You’ll start at the front door of our Earth scenario and drill down to smaller areas like the beach, city and airport with a single tap. Look for the blue arrows to zoom and transport yourself to more areas and learn more words. It’s that simple.

Visual Dictionary Lite - Learn Japanese is a free app with convenient in-app upgrade to the full version. With Visual Dictionary Full, you’ll learn 550+ must-know Japanese vocabulary words through native audio clips, sample sentences and colorful illustrations. No matter what your Japanese reading level is, you can switch between kana and romanization to accommodate all Japanese language students.

Here’s what you’ll get when you download Visual Dictionary Lite - Learn Japanese today:

  • Earth, City, and Supermarket scenarios and 39 related vocabulary words and over 100 sample sentences free! Unlock 23 more scenarios, 550+ words, and 1000+ sample sentences with in-app upgrade.
  • 68 Food & Drink vocabulary in Category Mode and over 100 sample sentences free! Unlock the full category list and 550+ Japanese vocabulary and 1000+ sample sentences with upgrade.
  • Kanji and kana for every word. Not comfortable with kana yet? Swap kana for rouma-ji on the Settings screen.
  • Native Japanese audio recordings by professional voice actors
  • Rich visual illustrations
  • Practical sample sentences related to scenarios and words
  • Your own personal Word Bank for convenient study

Now available in the iTunes App Store, download Visual Dictionary Lite - Learn Japanese today and start exploring!

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One Response to “New Product Announcement! Explore Your World in Japanese with Visual Dictionary for iPhone and iPad”

  1. J Says:

    Hi, I love the app, it’s really fun to browse, but I use an iPod and it’s difficult to browse the map when something is selected, please consider adding the following options:

    1. Hide/Unhide the status bar (the one on top with the name of the current area and show markers button).

    2. Hide/Unhide the (bottom) toolbar when viewing in normal mode (just like you can while in landscape mode).


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