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Announcing the Lighter, Faster and More Mobile-Friendly Lesson Notes

Why do language learners keep coming back to our sites?

For our fast, fresh and fun audio and video lessons, of course!

But did you know that an important part of our lessons is the PDF lesson notes? These printable lesson notes are a crucial part of our online learning system. For visual learners, they’re a must! So that’s why we embarked on a long journey to improve the PDF Lesson Notes so that you, our valued listeners, will have the very best language learning experience.

So what’s new? Glad you asked!

Here’s what you’ll find with the updated PDF Lesson Notes:

  • Completely Mobile Friendly – View with no problems, both iOS and Android
  • RIP Lesson Notes Lite – PDFs now display reliably across different viewers, so there’s no need for Lesson Notes Lite
  • Download Them Faster – PDFs are now around one quarter the file size
  • Full Character Support – Problems with incorrectly displayed characters have been fixed
  • Read with Ease – Clean new look, designed to be easy on the eyes
  • Better Organization – New radio-style dialogue layout, line numbers for quick reference, clear vocabulary and sample sentence tables, and full season and lesson number and lesson name on every page

Put simply, the new PDFs are FASTER, LIGHTER and just plain BETTER!

Ready to check out the new PDFs? All Basic and Premium members have full access to every one of our lessons and their PDF lesson notes. Sign into your account and click on any lesson to see the new Lesson Notes.

Looking to upgrade and gain instant access to our entire lesson library and lesson notes? Use coupon code PDF15OFF to save 15% on any Basic or Premium subscription!

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Indonesian: Click Here To Learn Indonesian with Premium PLUS at IndonesianPod101!

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Vietnamese: Click Here To Learn Vietnamese with Premium PLUS at VietnamesePod101!

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