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5 Ways To Never Forget Words with the NEW Word Bank

Hello Listener,

How easy is it to forget new words and phrases?

First you learn ‘em. Two days later, you forget ‘em.

Stopping to note them down takes a lot of time. You can write every word down on 100s of flashcards or in a notebook. That’s the time-consuming part of the battle.

But wait!

You STILL have to review them all!

So here are 5 ways to never forget new words with the Word Bank. It’s your personal, ever-growing collection of vocab. Come across a new word in one of our lessons? Want to master specific vocab list? Save ‘em with 1 click and review ‘em in 1 spot – the Word Bank.

And it’s just been updated with new features!

1) Never Forget New Words from Lessons. You’re listening (or watching) a one our Audio or Video lessons. And you come across a new word. But hearing it once isn’t enough. Find the word in the lesson’s vocabulary review list and click on “Add to Word Bank” to save it.

Click here to visit the newly updated Word Bank!

2) Save New Words or Phrases from Vocab Lists. Know those “Free Bonus” word and phrase lessons we send out? You can save these to your Word Bank as well for future review. Select your words, click on “Add Selected Words” and choose “Word Bank.” Done!

Click here to visit the newly updated Word Bank!

3) New! Review Quickly and Easily. Ready to review? You’ll find all your saved words in the Word Bank. We’ve updated it so it’s a lot cleaner and easier on the eyes. Review the words and meanings at a glance. You can also hear the native audio pronunciation. And, you can even enlarge the words as you hover over them.

Click here to visit the newly updated Word Bank!

4) New! Organize and Label your Words. Maybe you want to see just the adjectives. Or just the questions. Or…the words you learned this past month. Just add a custom label of your choice to a set of words. Then, review just the ones you’re interested in.

Click here to visit the newly updated Word Bank!

5) New! Make Reading and Pronunciation Easy with Transliteration. The best way to never forget a word? Make it easy to remember! With transliteration, you can quickly learn the word and its reading in English. Or, feel free turn it off for an extra challenge.

With the Word Bank, a Premium Study Tool available for our Premium and Premium PLUS learners on our 101 language sites, you can…

  • Save words from any lesson or vocab list with 1 click
  • Review all of your words quickly in 1 spot
  • Organize them by custom labels and see the words you want
  • Send your words to Flashcards to drill and master them fast
  • Access the relevant audio and video lessons that introduce the word
  • Export your words to PDF and print them out as physical study sheets
  • Export your words to Excel or CSV files (for advanced users)

This is your personal, ever-growing collection of words.

Save with 1 click, review them all in 1 spot and never forget words in your target language again. Be sure to check out this powerful study tool by signing up for a Free Lifetime Account at any one of our 31 Innovative Language learning sites. With a 7-Day Free Trial, you get to access this exclusive feature (reserved for Premium and Premium PLUS members).

If you’re already a member, simply access it from the “Study Tools” drop down menu on any one of our 31 sites.

Click below to choose a language and sign up for a Free Lifetime Account! 

Stay tuned for even more great study tools and features to come!

To your fluency,

Team Innovative Language

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