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Top 10 Korean Dramas to Help You Learn Korean

The best thing about learning Korean through dramas is that dramas are fun. And when you fall in love with a good story, you can use some of that obsession to power your learning. In addition to boosting your vocabulary, dramas allow you to learn better pronunciation and intonation and it helps you improve your listening comprehension skills. Much like Japanese Anime, Korean dramas have a variety of themes, which means that there’s something for every one. K-drama, after all, is not just about confessing one’s love, heart breaks and teenage crushes.

Here is how you can boost your Korean Skills with the Help of K-Drama:
1. Pick a show you can enjoy. Learning a language has to be fun, or else it just doesn’t work.
2. Re-watch and Shadow. Try watching every episode at least twice. During the re-watch, try shadowing the conversation: repeat what the characters are saying, even if you don’t understand it completely.
3. Couple your drama watching with fun Korean lessons. Sign up to for FREE and start learning with our Absolute Beginner lessons!

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